2010 Cardboard Folly, curated by Emily Speed (exhibited at the Bluecoat, Liverpool during the Liverpool Biennial, Manchester Artists’ Book Fair at Manchester Metropolitan University and at the BABE artists’ book event during April 2011 at the Arnolfini, Bristol)

2010 Unfixed, Hebben Bridge

2009 The Object of Photography, curated by Layla Bloom, The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds, Leeds (click here for images of the installation and click here to read Dr Rowan Bailey’s essay that accompanied the exhibition)

2008 Kunstwerk Bazaar, curated by Andrew Hunt, Outpost Gallery, Norwich

2008 Separations, Leeds (click here for a review from the Yorkshire Post, 2008)

2008 After The Disaster, Outpost Gallery, Norwich (click here to see installation shots of the exhibition, click here for a review in a-n, click here to view a sample work from the show in the a-n archive, click here to purchase the catalogue and click here to read the essay by Michael Phillipson that accompanied the exhibition)

2008 ‘What Happens Next?’, PM Gallery, London (click here for a review in the Telegraph, and here for a review in the British Journal of Photography, and here to download a review from London Independent Photography)

2007 ‘Gavin Turk selects…’, curated by Gavin Turk, Outpost Gallery, Norwich

2007 Paper Lies, Festival Gallery, Hebden Bridge

2006 Open Studios, Leeds

2005 Empty, Swept and Garnished, Shrewsbury

2005 Insomnia, London (to download a copy of the text/exhibit, click here)

2004 Altered Image, Photography Gallery, Shrewsbury

2001 Twelve, Quicksilver Gallery, London

2000 Thickspace, Cubitt Gallery, London

1999 Quicksilver Gallery, London

1998 Colourless, Spectrum, Farnham

1997 Orpheus Looking Back (with Yve Lomax, Chris Fisher, Jim Mooney, Gill Houghton, Daniela Granzin, Beth Harland, Tracy Hetherington, Paul Whittaker) curated by John Lavery, South Hill Park, Bracknell (click here to access the V&A library record of the catalogue)

1996 Now, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

1995 On the Verge of the Book, Brighton

Andrew Warstat - Exhibitions

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