2011 University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art and The Edinburgh Film Festival - Animating Realities: Animation, Documentary and the Moving Image - Lewis Klahr and the Shuddering Image (click here to download the abstracts)

2011 The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds - Virtually Real: The Location of Contemporary Art

2010 School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London - Historical Materialism 7th Annual Conference: Crisis and Critique - Violence, Aesthetics and Ugly Revolutions

2010 University of Glasgow - AAH - Art, Philosophy and Revolution in Mid-Twentieth-Century European Art

2008 University of Lincoln - Drawing on Thinking (convened by Deanna Petherbridge) - The Burrow: Kafka’s Art School

2008 Tate Britain - AAH - The Teaching Studio (click here to access the Tate archive of the event and click here to access the Association of Art Historian’s archive of the 2008 conference)

2008 Norwich School of Art and Design - Research in progress (artist’s talk) - After the Disaster

2007 University of Bath - Death, Dying and Disposal 8th International Conference - John Stezaker and the Afterlife of Images

(click here to download the abstract)

2007 University of Leeds - Chances and Challenges: Practice Led Research Symposium - Kafka’s Monkey: Reporting to the Academy, it’s just a trick of the eye…

2007 East Street Arts, Leeds - Showing: Expectations - chair for the discussion between Tim Brennan, Dinah Clarke, Karen Watson, Dr Sue Wilks, Leonor da Silva (click here for an outline of the session and click here for a transcript of the discussion)

2007 University College Falmouth - Invited speaker’s programme - Allegory and the Image

2006 Lancaster University - Models and Modes of Creative Practice: Art, Writing and Research - The Image of Research, an allegory? (click here to view the conference details)

2005 York St. John - Research in progress - Blanchot, Levinas and Stezaker on the image

2002 Tate Modern - The Artist’s Voice (organised by Wimbledon School of Art) - Maurice Blanchot, Heinrich Boll and the Silent Artist